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What Photo size & type of files should I send you?

We recommend the photos be saved as a .JPEG or if you can’t an .AI file. All photos should be taken with a 5 mega pixel or higher camera and be 1mb in size or larger. Do not resize or crop the pictures before sending. You can also send us prints taken from a 35mm or Digital camera printed out. If you send in prints they should be either 3X5 or 4X6 and they will be returned when the sign is shipped.

How do I send in my Photo’s?

Just in an email, if need be send one picture at a time.

How many Photos should I send in?

You’ll want to send in at least 3-4 photos. One from the front, a side view and a 3/4 front view. Note: make sure that pictures show the whole car. Other pictures you may want to send in are: Emblems/Logos (Shot as straight on as you can) a shot of you working on the car, tail lights, dash, and any photo of items that make your vehicle stand out. We won’t use them all, but the more we have the more creativity we’ll have.

The photo of my car I like best is Blurry and the color is off slightly Can you work with this?

No. We would suggest that you take new Photos or look for others. If you have any questions with your photos feel free to e-mail us.

I have a Photo that I want to use but there’s a tree / person in the background. Can you remove?

Yes. Once the background is removed to the best of our ability we will e-mail you a copy for your approval.

Can you change the background in one of my photos?

If it’s a photo that we cut out, then sure. But let’s talk about this before we start changing backgrounds.

Color matching?

We’ll try to do our best but sometimes it is out of our hands. Due to the printing process or where we grab the sample from on the picture.

My Vehicle was in a magazine. Can you use some of these photos?

We can, but the quality may suffer. Send them to us and we’ll take a look.

How do I make a Payment?

At the time of your order you will be able to pay by your PAYPAL funds or by credit card.

What happens if I get my board and there's a typo?

We will be sending you a Proof for you to APPROVE before we go to print. This your opportunity to review the text for typo’s, punctuation and miss spellings before it’s printed. If you receive it with a typo please contact us and we will work with you. 

Will my Board fade?

ALL of our boards use UV inks during the printing process for years of use.

Is the Show Board water Resistant?

It will resist moisture. Just make sure that you use a micro towel to wipe it off.

How do I clean my Show Board?

Use a damp Micro towel.

How will my Show Board stand up in the wind?

This has been a big concern of ours and is and industry wide issue. If you're really concerned about this go with one of our 36X24 Tilt Back Retractable Show Board.

How long will it take to receive my Show Board?

Usually, you will receive the Proof in 5-10 working days and once the Proof has been approved it will take us 10-15 to make your board plus a week of shipping. Remember these are not just a print and stick it to a piece of foam core backing. It's will be worth the wait!

I need my Board for an upcoming show can I put a RUSH on it?

We can put a RUSH on your order for an extra fee, but lets talk about this at the time of the order.

Club discounts?

We do offer club discounts. If a club gets together and orders a minimum of 3 boards (all orders must be received with 48hrs of the first order) you will all receive a discount.

Are there Refunds?

Once you are sent the Rough DRAFT there are no refunds. 

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